Dog Walking:

Dog Walking is an important part of every dogs life. Some dogs benefit from the discipline and training. Others benefit just by exploring the world around them. All can benefit from the exercise (and sometimes they just need to get outside and go potty!)  We walk your dogs independently, in your neighborhood, without driving them around to pick up other dogs.


Pet Sitting:

Let your pets stay home when you travel. We will help you set up a service schedule that will take care of your pets needs while you are away. Some pets need us just once a day, others need 3 or 4 visits. We can help take care of other household chores as well (mail, newspaper, plant watering, etc.)


Overnight Care: 


Sometimes it’s just better for someone to spend the night in your home and keep your pets company overnight. Our professional, responsible, staff members will do everything they can to give your pets the attention they need while you are away.